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On my blog you find tons of the comics sex pictures and movies.

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Cheri Shows Her Cunt
03:54, 2010-Jun-9

Lust Comics

Cheri had followed her orders directly, she had been told to pull through the galaxy and not stop for anyone until she got to the Gynamedes planet where she was to pick up the package and head right back home. Cheri had almost made it when she saw a droid just a couple of feet from where she was to get the package. She knew she wasn’t supposed to stop to pick anyone up but then she thought how awful she would feel if it was her waiting for a lift so she stopped. She remembered feeling a shot in her neck but the rest was a blur.

When she opened her eyes she found herself completely naked and locked in a warehouse room with a couple of droids holding guns. Cheri wasn’t sure what was going on but she knew that her only chance at getting out was to seduce the droids so slowly she flipped around on to all fours and stuck her ass up in the air. One of the droids turned around and stared straight at her delicious oozy cunt and the other dropped his gun and raised his hand to slap her dripping round ass!

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Makoto and Usagi Licking Vagina
20:51, 2010-Jun-5

Hentai Mania

Makoto and Usagi are best friends, they have been best friends since they could remember and they did just about everything together…well almost everything. Last week the babes had just spent a night working together on a project for one of their classes and it had seriously taken them all night to get everything done. The babes were exhausted but they had drank so much coffee that they were wide awake and feeling pretty naive by the time mid morning rolled around. They only had another hour and a half until their class and they needed to find something to keep themselves awake until then.

Makoto gave Usagi a look that said she had an idea and without saying anything she ran her hand up Usagi’s thigh. Usagi giggled and looked over at Makoto and taking her hand in hers she slid up further up her thigh and under her cotton panties. Usagi let out a gasp and Makoto knew what she needed, slowly she peeled down Usagi’s panties and came face to face with her wet oozy cunt. She dared to lean forward and slide her warm soaked tongue over Usagi’s cunt and Usagi let out a gasp.

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Jerry’s Package Arrives
03:52, 2010-Jun-3

Gay Cartoon

Jerry had been waiting for his bonus from work for weeks and each and every day he ran out to greet the mailman and every day he told him there was nothing for him. Jerry was beginning to lose hope when Friday rolled around and the mailman can knocking on the door with Jerry’s long awaited letter in hand. Jerry couldn’t believe it and reaching over he hugged him and started yelling about what great news it was. As the mailman stood there he told Jerry that he had something else for him too, Jerry told him to come on in for a drink and to take a little break and then he could give him the package.

As they got inside though Jerry soon realized that the package the mailman wanted to give him was quite a lot more than he expected! As he turned around to open the letter he had in his hand the mailman crept up behind him and rubbed his hard ramrod against Jerry’s ass. Jerry jumped at first but he couldn’t believe how nice it felt between the cheeks of his ass and so he dared to push back against it. Soon enough the two found themselves completely naked!

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Alivia Fucked By Aliens
16:29, 2010-May-31

Evil Comics

Alivia had been working all day planting the garden in the biodome of the living quarters. The atmospheric pressure had been wavering for a few days and some of the plants hadn’t made it so she had had to replant quite a few of the seeds. After she finished planting she was covered in soil so she headed in to take a shower and clean off. After she had cleaned off she slipped in to a pair of thigh highs and a dress and went out for a walk around the station to get a little fresh air.

As she rounded the back of the living quarters she spotted some blue green lizards hopping around in the garbage heap. She tried shouting at them and most of them fled and as she walked over to see what a mess they had made she bent down to pick up a couple of stray cans. As she bent over one of the lizards jumped up and yanked her dress over her head. As she stood there in just her black nylons she felt something mount her from behind and before she knew what was going on a blue green lizard had his huge cock inside her vagina!

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Aliyah Gets Licked
10:19, 2010-Apr-28

Lust Comics

Aliyah walked in to the hold of the ship. A cool breeze blew through her hair and the doors slammed shut behind her. She knew that they had flown through a forcefield but she hadn’t known that it had temporarily distorted the fabric of time and space and allowed something to board the ship through the hold. As the door slammed she tried to stand her ground but she felt something brushing against her skin. Her robe opened and she felt the invisible field sliding across every inch of her skin. Her twat started to get slick.

Soon she was sliding her fingers over her body and without conscious effort she walked to the center of the room and sat on an invisible object. As she looked down something materialized, It horrified her but she couldn’t help but be seduced by it’s long transparant tongue. As she watched the tongue slid up between her legs. Lapping at her slick snatch it bared it’s huge green teeth but all Aliyah could think about was how good it’s long tongue felt lapping at her plump clit and her oozy dripping pussy.

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